Treatcard membership gives you either 50% off or buy 1 get 1 free deals at restaurants and pubs all around Bangalore for a full year. Your discount can be on your food, drinks or both depending on the restaurant and the days they accept Treatcard. For finding out exactly what offer is available in any restaurant, please look at the respective restaurant’s information page.

Absolutely! We don’t believe in small-fry offers. All our venues offer the same deal – 50% off or buy 1 get 1 free – so there’s no confusion or disappointment. Not only that, in many places the offer may also include extended happy hours with your Treatcard membership. Please check the respective restaurant page to see what offer is applicable there. Our motivation is to enhance your experience and keep things as simple as possible for you.

The discount only applies to the specific items you have ordered as a Treatcard member. For E.g., If you go as a group but only you hold a valid Treatcard membership, the discount will only apply to your order and not the full bill. This is why it is a great idea for everyone in the group to be a Treatcard member! Please check the respective restaurant page for finding out exactly what offer is available for Treatcard members.

Yes, each Treatcard member in the group can apply their discount to their own order. If there is only one Treatcard member, the discount or offer will apply only to their order and not on that of non-Treatcard members in the group.

At Treatcard, we highly value our members’ experience at every one of our participating restaurants and pubs.

If you ever find that your waiter is not aware that the restaurant accepts Treatcard, this could be because the waiter is a trainee or recently joined. Please ask for the manager if this happens (We work very hard to make sure it doesn’t happen). If you need any further help, please don’t hesitate to call us directly on 08105136369 .

Absolutely not! Our members are highly valued customers at every participating restaurant or pub.

Your Treatcard membership is valid for a whole year! You can choose to renew your membership at the end of one year to continue being a member of this fabulous club.

This is the best part. You can use your Treatcard ANY number of times, for a whole year.

You can renew your Treatcard membership anytime by buying the membership again from Google Playstore/AppStore.

No. There is no minimum order before you can avail your discount.

No. You can only use one offer per visit at any participating restaurant or pub. We believe all our offers are mind-blowingly good, so you won’t be disappointed with any offer you choose.

No, there is no select menu or separate ‘Treatcard Menu’ from which you have to order. The discounts apply to the items on the restaurant’s main menu itself. In rare instances, there may be certain items on the menu which you can’t use your Treatcard on – these are clearly explained on the respective restaurant’s pages on this website.

At Treatcard, we try as much as possible to extend our discount to all items in the menu. In the case of drinks, please check the deal specifications to see what items your Treatcard is applicable on. In the case of discounts on food, most of our restaurants allow you to choose ANY Main Course and ANY starter in the menu. However, in very few cases, there will be certain items in a restaurant for which you can’t use your Treatcard. Please check the offer on this website to avoid any disappointment, and ask your waiter before ordering.

No. The Treatcard does not have money or points loaded into the card.

Treatcard is an exclusive closed-group community to whom the restaurants are able to offer a large discount and encourage loyalty. As our members pay for their membership they are the type of customers that the restaurants would like to see walk through their doors. 

At Treatcard, our goal is to make eating out more affordable, thus encouraging people to eat out more regularly. By doing this, we are helping both our members and our partner restaurants. No surprise then that we are highly valued by both!

Yes, tax will be on the price of the discounted dish or drink.